What’s Happening

Parent’s Night Out

Enjoy a night out! Bring your children to the church Saturday night, April 21, from 6:00 – 9:00 pm for an evening of fun while you have some “grown up time”. The event is open to children ages 3 – 11, and they don’t have to be members of the congregation to participate.

We are accepting donations in lieu of a set fee to be used towards our major maintenance fundraising campaign.  Please register your children by filling out the form below.

We are also seeking helpers for the evening, so please let Pastor Angela, Lyn Ficili or Jackie Bear know if you can help.

See you there!

Monday Fundraiser at Tropical Smoothie Cafe

Here is the latest opportunity to enjoy a good meal with friends and earn some money for the church’s major maintenance campaign!  Tropical Smoothie is donating 20% of your total purchase on Monday, March 12!  Simply print out this flyer and present it at the time you order.  Share with your friends and enjoy!

Tropical Smoothie Cafe is located in the Target Shopping Center off 28.  9971 Sowder Village Square, Manassas.

Blessings Box Donations

Gifts from Shiloh Baptist Church

We are so grateful to everyone in the community who contributes to the Blessings Box ministry.  Yesterday, Pastor Angela returned home to find 6 huge bags of donations from our sisters and brothers in Christ at Shiloh Baptist Church in McLean, VA.  They donated all of these items – including 32 full-size tubes of toothpaste and 24 full-size bars of soap (among other things). It is a great joy to see God growing the community among His people!

If you wish to contribute, we are always in need of dishwashing soap and laundry detergent.

Fundraiser at the Jukebox Diner

Invite your friends to meet you ANYTIME for a meal at the Jukebox Diner! If you write NCOB on the back of your receipt and put it in our jar (on the hostess stand) after your meal, the church will receive 10% of the receipt total towards our Major Maintenance fundraising efforts.

The diner is located at 8637 Sudley Rd, Manassas (across the street from Prince William Hospital), and is open on Sunday from 7 am – 11 pm.

Originally, the fundraisers were set for Sundays.  But the diner has been so pleased with our participation that they have extended it to any day of the week – including Prime Rib Friday nights!

Keep up the good work.  This is what FUNdraising is all about!

Major Maintenance Fundraising

The following is adapted from Pastor Angela’s introduction to the Fundraising Meeting, held at the conclusion of the church service on Sunday, January 21.

As your pastor, I’ve only served here for 3 years, so I don’t have the attachment to this physical property that many of you have. I love the people – that’s what makes church for me.

My job, each and every week, is to pour over the Scriptures and to listen for God’s voice and to try to express to you what I believe God is calling us to do in this place, at this time.
Last month, I shared that I believe we are being called to an intentional time of fundraising to care for the house of God. I cited a Scripture from Exodus headed: “Offerings for the Tabernacle.” In this passage, God established an offering among the people to pay for “the dwelling place of God.”

The Lord said to Moses, “Tell the Israelites to bring me an offering. You are to receive the offering for me from everyone whose heart prompts them to give.  Ex 25:1-2

There is a lot of discussion in theological circles about how much money is spent on property verses how much money is spent on outreach. There are churches that decide to sell their buildings and meet in homes or schools and spend all of their money on outreach. I must admit that there is something appealing about that. Because there are churches that have become very “me” ministry focused.

But friends, this church is not one of them. 

This church’s building – its physical space – is an important part of this community.
 We are the meeting place for our Senior Citizens on a monthly basis.

The Live Nativity

We are the base of operations for the entire community to participate in the Blessings Box.

We are the host of a large Boy Scout troop and Venturing crew.

We are the place where the word of God goes out each year during the Live Nativity.

We are the gathering place for Martha Early and the Community Sewing day that brings in volunteers from all over the county.

We are the place that helps our community raise its children, with Rainbow Preschool and Kids’ Club.

We are the place that hosts the library’s book clubs and the Friends Uniting Nokesville meetings.

And throughout the week – not just on Sunday mornings, we are the place where God’s word is read and studied and lived out.

This place matters. And we are called this year to tend to this place so that it will continue to be the place where God’s love and light is witnessed to and by the community. Amen.

**Following this presentation, the list of fundraising ideas was presented. To find your place to serve, or to make your financial contribution, please contact either Pastor Angela or Polly Flory – the chair of the fundraising committee. We look forward to hearing from you.