Board of Directors News

It was a year ago when we realized that the few week pause would turn into a long term situation.  We spent our time hoping and praying that at the end of summer, then by Christmas, and, lastly, we hoped to be back to normal by Easter.  The vaccine has brought new hope and change, but the transmission rates are still high in the area.  The Mid Atlantic District is in encouraging congregations to use local information such as vaccine rates and transmission rates to determine when to start meeting for indoor in-person services.  With the difficulty in obtaining vaccines and the limited individuals that currently qualify for vaccines, the Board has decided to continue to suspend in-person worship until the end of June.


The Board of Directors has begun the process of creating a pastoral search committee.  This is the first step to finding a pastor.  The committee will work with the Mid-Atlantic District Executive to create a congregational profile, select and interview pastoral candidates, and represent our congregation in the search for a new pastor.  We will be seeking an interim pastor to fill the pastoral role until we are able to find a new pastor for our church.


Lastly, the Board of Directors has decided to complete the Spring Congregational Forum meeting by providing the written reports to the congregation.  A packet containing the reports will be emailed out via constant contact and made available for pick up at the church.