Exercise Classes

We host a weekly Fitness Class for fellowship and exercise.

Fitness Class
Fitness Class is open to all and located in the fellowship hall of the church from 5:00pm – 6:00pm every Tuesday.  Instructor Chris Taylor, is trained in Personal Training and CrossFit Level 1 and certified by the National Strength and Conditioning Association.

Exercise classes

Our program consists of the following:

  1. Dynamic (moving) warmup – 5 minutes
  2. Workout of the Day – 25 minutes of core strengthening work, which includes but is not limited to: short jogs/fast walks, jumping rope, squats, functional movements with dumbbells and kettlebells, and mat work, such as stretches, pushups, abdominal work, etc.
  3. Isometrics (Planks as an example) and Abdominal Routine – 10 minutes
  4. Cool Down Stretch – 5 minutes

Occasionally, our class offers visiting yoga instruction as well.

Anyone is welcome, regardless of age, weight, or gender, although our class membership is predominantly ages 40-80.  All exercises have substitutions based on your level of need.  All work is geared toward creating full range of motion and combatting osteoarthritis.

There is a minimal charge for the cost of $5/class for the equipment and the planning and time of the instructor.  A percentage of the funds are directed to the offering. There are often challenges where those funds are waived.

For more information, leave a message for Chris at the church office:  nokesvillecob@nokesvillecob.org or 703-594-2685.