Church of the Brethren Online Concert

An hour-long music celebration featuring Church of the Brethren musicians from across the church will be presented online July 2, 2020, at 8 PM.

Use this link to watch:

The concert will feature musical offerings from a wide variety of Brethren musicians, providing a variety of musical styles and instruments.

Contributors to the concert will include Brethren singer/songwriters Joseph Helfrich, Michael Stern, Shawn Kirchner, Seth Hendricks, Terry and Andy Murray, Jacob Crouse and Bittersweet Gospel Band. In addition, selections are scheduled from the Miami First Church of the Brethren, the women’s choir from EYN Mubi, and several memorable excerpts from recent Annual Conferences – including our own Lucas Finet.

In addition, a long time friend of the Church of the Brethren, Ken Medema, has agreed to write and record a song specifically for the event.

The concert will be hosted by Program and Arrangements Committee members Emily Shonk Edwards and Carol Elmore.


Online Camp Connection

Many of you gathered together for our revived Church Camp Weekend this past fall at Brethren Woods. Like many other businesses and ministries, they have had to cancel in-person events for the summer, including summer camp. While there’s no replacement for canoeing or swimming or hiking or giggly late-night storytelling, they are trying to provide some of the activities that make camp so much fun!

From June 7 – July 24, Brethren Woods is offering a free (FREE!) program they’re calling “Watz in the Woods.” There will be a weekly scripture theme from the “This is our Prayer” curriculum with activities posted each day. If you’d like to connect to find out what a Zoom campfire looks like, there’s one each Sunday evening. For those wanting to connect with others their age, there’s a Camp Community Gathering each week, divided by age groups (yes, adults, too!) via Zoom. If you really dig it and want to make a donation of $75 or more to the camp, they’ll even send you a 2020 summer camp t-shirt!

Register online for the activities you’d like to try, and get in a little bit of the camp spirit! Even if you’ve never been to Brethren Woods, this is a neat opportunity to try it out (without as many bugbites). If you think your friend or neighbor or second cousin once removed would enjoy it, invite them to join you! To register, visit For more information visit the website, send them an email (, or give the camp office a call (540-269-2741).


New opportunity to connect with Nokesville

Even though our building remains closed, we are still sharing God’s love with those around us through our Blessings Box, our prayers, and our online worship services.

You’re invited to join us in a new opportunity to share words and pictures of hope and encouragement to all who drive or walk by. We have placed a bucket of sidewalk chalk next to Door #3 (on the parsonage side of the building). Please use it to write or draw on the paved “driveway” in front of the church.

Encourage your children to share their talents as well! And, if you have chalk to contribute, we would welcome that as well. Let’s remind our neighbors that Jesus loves them!


Denominational Virtual Choir

Church of the Brethren Annual Conference moderator Paul Mundey has announced plans for a denominational virtual choir. A webpage will be available shortly, with resources that will allow people from across the church to add their voice to a mass Church of the Brethren choir. Three hymns are projected to be a part of the overall project: “Blessed Assurance,” “I See a New World Coming,” and “Move in Our Midst.”

Mundey said, “As we continue to explore new ways to connect with each other during the ongoing pandemic, the possibility of a denominational virtual choir holds great promise. Throughout history, song has united people of faith during times of crisis. I anticipate that uniting the Church of the Brethren in song virtually will accomplish a similar outcome.”

In addition to a denominational choir, plans continue for other virtual events during the week of July 1-5 when the now-canceled 2020 Annual Conference would have been held in Grand Rapids, Mich. Additional details on those events will be released soon.

To be included on the mailing list to receive updates about the denominational virtual choir and the link to the project webpage, email your name and contact information to .


Virtual Choir
A virtual choir is produced by each individual person recording themselves singing along with the hymn, and then all those submissions are painstakingly put together into one grand compilation that includes all the voices. Each of us gets to contribute our small part to help make up the whole (much like with the church!). As it is with large choirs, individual voices will not be heard, just all of us together.

We’ve set ambitious goals for this project, and are working on three hymns at once. We welcome your submissions as soon as possible; the Early-Bird Deadline is June 7, 2020; the Final Deadline is June 14, 2020. Please pay careful attention to these deadlines for sending in your submissions, because we are on a very tight timeline as we hope to have the final choir pieces ready for our worship celebration July 1.

We’ve outlined how you can participate in the following steps. We suggest that you read through all the steps before beginning, and don’t hesitate to email us any questions. While it may seem like a lot of instructions at first, we think that this will actually be pretty easy for almost everyone to be able to participate if you take it step by step. You will need a way to both play a video and record a video at the same time, as well as internet access to be able to submit your recorded files. (If you need help, please see the final “Contact Us” page.)

We’re delighted to have you participate!

Here is the link to the Virtual Choir on how you can download music and participate:

For general questions about the Virtual Choir project, please contact:

Everyone is Invited – Virtual Dance Party!


The young adult group from Arlington and Washington City CoBs have invited us to join their mid-week dance party Wednesdays at 5:15 on ZOOM.  (Young Adult is a state of mind  – all are welcome, including children).

To feel comfortable with the “required skill level” (i.e. none), here is a super short video (less than a minute) from a previous gathering –

This is an opportunity to gather with other NoVA Brethren folks and get your body moving a little bit.  The event is led by Shawn Lent – an incredible human being.  You can find out more about her at:

Watch for an email each Wednesday morning with the link, or contact the church office.   This is a recurring event, so put it on your calendars.  What a great opportunity to take care of your body and your spirit.