Partners in Peace in Prince William County

Nokesville Church of the Brethren’s Inclusion Awareness Advocacy Initiative team invites you to pray and act for peace in Prince William County by standing together against hate in the face of social injustice and a local threat to one of our houses of worship.

We received this request:

As we come up on our annual Unity in the Community International Day of Prayer for Peace, we ask that all houses of worship in Prince William County come together in an absolute act of solidarity against hate. In the face of a national fight for social justice and human rights for all, we stand in solidarity together to say #HateHasNoHomeInPWC.

Against the back drop of social evolution, our only Jewish Congregation in Prince William County received a bomb threat on the eve of the month of their most Holy Days, and again we stand in solidarity together to say #HateHasNoHomeInPWC.

We stand together as a community knowing that we are stronger together. We are all supported and protected by Prince William County’s beautiful interfaith community, the Prince William County Police Department and Worship Watch, and our local legislators and leaders.

To show how strong we are together, we are asking all of our partners in peace to purchase a shirt and show their solidarity in the community. All proceeds will go to support ACTS, who has always been there to support our community.

Join us in wearing your desire that peace prevail on earth.

Re-Opening Update

The Board of Directors has been prayerfully and thoughtfully considering how to move forward with in-person worship during this time.  The team has decided to continue the suspension of in-person services through at least the end of October, this decision was made in accordance with the Mid-Atlantic District recommendations.

We are seeking congregational input on future re-opening plans.  A Re-opening Advisory Committee was created and that team developed a Re-opening Questionnaire.  The questionnaire was out via Constant Contact.  If you did not receive the questionnaire, please reach out your Deacon.  Contact the church office if you are unsure of your assigned deacon. The leadership team would like the questionnaire to be completed by September 4.

Please continue to make connections with the congregation and community online, by phone, and mail.

With love and prayers,

The Board of Directors


Annual Conference Worship

The Church of the Brethren meets each summer, usually in early July, to gather as one body to worship, learn, connect, and make decisions. This year, the conference was to be held in Grand Rapids, Michigan, but was cancelled due to the current public health crisis. You may recall seeing announcements earlier this year inviting folks to participate in a virtual choir for Annual Conference.

While there will be no physical gathering or business items, there will still be a worship service and children’s service shared as a compiled video as well as a second video concert of musicians with connections to the denomination.

The Worship Ministry Team has decided that we will be using the Annual Conference worship service for our worship gathering on July 5 while Pastor Angela takes a mini-sabbatical to rest, reflect, and delve into a conference being offered online (she’s super excited – ask her about it!).

The Annual Conference Office will actually release the worship service on July 1, so be mindful that you don’t jump the gun if you see/hear something about it but want to have worship that Sunday be a first viewing. The online concert will be shared on July 2 at 8:00pm at the website and will be available for watching later if that time doesn’t suit you.

We hope you will join us in worshipping, singing, and celebrating with our broader denomination through these opportunities!


Thank You from the Finance Team


We have been blessed with a congregation that never fails to provide financial support to our church and we want to make sure you know how much we appreciate your continued giving during this very strange and stressful time.  We also thought you would like to know about projects that have been completed during our time of social distancing.  The window trim and painting is done, a disability access ramp at the entrance from the parking lot has been installed, a major repair was completed on the furnace and the carpets have been cleaned.  These projects would not have been possible without you.   Thank you!


Holy Week Worship Services



Even though we are not together in person, it is good to “gather” in worship from wherever we are, and reflect on this most holy journey to the empty tomb.

Love Feast – Thursday, April 9 at 7:00 PM  (YouTube)
Go to, and click on the “YouTube” button. The first voices you hear will be familiar to you – Pastor Angela, Lucas, and Eric open the evening with a reading from the Gospel of John. You’ll hear them again later in the service, along with many other voices you may recognize: Tim and Audrey Hollenburg-Duffy; Mandy North; Matt Rittle; Richard Wehrle; Bill Scheurer from On Earth Peace; Steve Schweitzer, Dan Ulrich, and Denise Kettering-Lane, all from Bethany Seminary; and many more.

This time of worship features familiar Scripture, hymns, and invitations to confession and communion.

We would like to invite you to partake in communion in your home. Please have your bread or cracker and cup of liquid ready.

At the 38 minute mark, you’ll hear the Scripture for Communion and a Prayer by Pastor Matt Rittle.

Please pause the service on your computer to share these words of communion – knowing we are all sharing together.

This bread, which we bless, is the
communion of the body of Christ.
[eat with grateful hearts]

This cup, which we bless, is the
communion of the blood of Christ.
[drink with grateful hearts]

Please press play to continue the service as we worship together.

Good Friday Service – Friday, April 10 at 7:30 PM (YouTube)

This brief service is being offered by members of our congregation.  Go to

and select “Good Friday”.  Feel free to light your own candle, and then extinguish it as Suzie plays the haunting spiritual “Were you there?”

Feel free to share these links with your friends.  We will see you Sunday morning at 11 AM on the church Facebook page – – for a joyous Easter celebration.